About Us

Founded in 2012, Bows and Eros is the culmination of years of work in the lingerie/swimwear industry. After seeing the conditions under which most lingerie and swimwear is produced we sought to bring fair trade to an industry that otherwise takes advantage of those producing their garments. We bring the work of artisans to a public lacking in access to socially responsibly produced lingerie and swimwear. 

Meet Some Of Our Artisans

Hear what some of our craftswomen's thoughts on crochet in the video below:


Bows and Eros seeks to end labor exploitation through connecting workers with buyers directly. By creating direct trade between the makers of garments and their buyers, fair prices can be assured for both parties. We provide startup costs to all of our skilled craftsmen and women so that they are able to start their own businesses and work independently, also giving them a market for their beautiful handmade goods.